Rogue Trader

A long term rogue trader Brian Canning and his partner Jo Shore are purporting to be a shipping company online through services such as Shiply.co.uk and Uship, but beware, they are con-merchants and have a long history of stealing peoples goods and vehicles as they did with my motorcycle.

Brian Canning and Jo Shore stealing my motorcycle

He Doesn't Pay

Here you will find lots of information about these people including a PDF report showing the 8 CCJs he currently has failed to pay despite losing in court.

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Here's details or his newly incorporated company Jaclis Ltd

Brian Canning's Jaclis Transport Accounts

Transport Europe Ltd

Details of his previous failed Transport Business - Transport Europe Ltd - that he still trades under illegally on Shiply

TransEurope Ltd is now dissolved
TransEurope Ltd poor shiply feedback

He Has Ripped Off Other People

You don't have to look far for others he has ripped off

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He Stole My Motorcycle

Not only did he steal my motorcycle, but he never paid me back for the £400 he charged for the move - when I finally made contact with him about that he just laughed and told me 'good luck ever getting it back' So I have given up and instead I have created this website to warn others. I have also sent letters to all his neighbours inviting them to review this website so that they know who they are living next to.

I will now go and share my story on every single forum I can find - I'm happy to dedicate a weekend to it - this guy is the scum of the earth and I want to stop him ripping off others.

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